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We are an online adventure marketplace where we facilitate direct market access for adventure travelers to trips hosted by OTAs (online tour operators) from across the globe. We utilise state of the art technology including Big data for AI to bring you popular adventure trips from trusted providers with a proven track record. We have smart CRM for the OTAs where they can host their trips and are fed with analysis regarding current travel trends to maximize bookings and traffic on their portals.

Tripcamps was conceived by a group of travelers from humble backgrounds who always were looking to find the most optimum ways to travel. We saw plenty of options on hotel stays and transportation but always fell short of options when it came to trips. In the course of continuous traveling and interactions with tour operators and fellow travelers, especially in the Himalayan and South East Asian region, we decided to come up with a solution to this problem where travelers can easily discover the trips and directly engage with the providers. "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating." - Kofi Annan, Former UN chief


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